Airplane Crash With Mobile? Importance Of Airplane Mode

In this article of info techs we will talk about a frequently asked question which is, why are you asked during flight to turn off your electronic devices or to put your phone on airplane mode? We will discuss in detail the reason behind this instruction.

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Mobile Network

Let’s talk about your mobile phone. When you keep the network on, your phone takes network from the nearest tower. When we are traveling by road these network change very slowly because on road there is a speed limit. So, tower changes after some time. But when you are traveling by air network changes too fast because airplane is too fast. Tower also changes too fast. So, there will be hopping of tower network. One second your phone will be taking network from one tower other second it will be taking network from other tower. In this way it will not be able to select any network and ultimately you will not receive any network.

Problems caused by not using airplane mode

When your phone will be searching for network from tower to tower you will not be the only person in that flight, other people might also have kept their phone on during that flight, because of that load it is possible that for the time plane is over a tower that tower stops working and the people below who are receiving network from that tower might stop receiving it. Your battery will drain faster and you will not be able to talk to anyone.

Companies that provide mobile network in flight

There are some companies which provide network during flight. Their towers are specially made to provide network in flight. But they are too expensive and they don’t receive there price. No one wants to pay that much for a call. Flights these days also provide Wi-Fi so no one will want to waste his money.

Effect on airplane

Now let’s talk about the effect on airplane. I’m not a pilot I’m not an aviation expert but according to the information I gathered navigation don’t face any problem but at a point when navigation fails or you have to use some special method to check navigation then there can be some interference. This depends upon flight to flight plane to plane upon many factors. There can be some interference but normally there isn’t all the modern airplane are tested. However the frequency of old airplanes and the frequency of mobile phones was almost same and due to hopping from tower to tower navigations were kind of disturbed.

Summing up

Modern airplanes don’t face any problem old airplanes might do. You should not keep the network of your mobile phone on because it brings no good and also puts navigation system of airplane at risk. That’s why you are said to keep your mobile at airplane mode.

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