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In this article of Info Techs we will talk about a person who was computer scientist, a logician, a mathematician and a cryptanalyst whose name is Alan Turing.


Alan Turing was born in 23 June 1912 in London. He belonged to a nice family. He completed his study, he did PHD, he did great contribution in different researches. Alan Turing taught us how to create logics, how to create algorithms. Thing on which modern computers are based on is Turing machine of Alan Turing. He also decoded enigma secret codes in World War 2.

Father of Artificial intelligence

Alan Turing was the person who created the theory that the cortex of human brain is like an unorganized machine when child is born after that, that mind is organized and data is fed in it then that mind becomes intelligent and the same thing can be done with machines.

He started his work at very young age as a computer scientist and mathematician and achieved a lot of thing in the age of 22 23. Great people achieves a lot of things in young age.

His theory said that we can make machines work in the same way human mind do and a universal machine can be made which can be trained and think for himself. Artificial intelligence you see today was started by Alan Turing that’s why he is also called father of Artificial Intelligence.

Contribution of Alan Turing in World War 2

You know that the Germans were fighting. In World War 2 there was destruction everywhere. Secret messages were being sent. German used to send their secret messages in the form of enigma secret code. Which were almost impossible to decode. Alan Turing was the only person who decoded those enigma secret codes.

Turing machine

He also made Turing machine. The concept of Turing machine is that it is not a computer it an abstract system which contains a tape on which 0,1,0,1 is written and there is a header above it which changes those binary digits you know that any data in computer is in the form binary so if you want to solve any problem over there or enter any data or create any algorithm it gets written on it. Same concept is being used in modern computers. It was said that there is no computer problem or algorithm which cannot be solved on Turing machine.

There were human computers at that time. The work machines do these day were being done by humans those day with the help of same algorithm. There were some limitations the humans who made calculations and algorithms had limits but machine have no limits. All the operation being used today were started with the Turing machine.

Contribution in biology

There are very few people who contributes in both computer and biology. Alan Turing made a lot of things like how human body, human organism and human cells grow, at what rate they grow, what is the way in which they grow, how can we theorize it and understand its pattern. Because of it in future it became easy to understand medications and treatments.


In 1981, he was included in a team by government. Government was making a team of scientist for research. That was the time he got married like any other normal person but later he confessed that he was homosexual. That his sexual preferences were very different. At that time being homosexual was considered a crime. When it was known that he was homosexual they put him in jail for 100 days and hormone therapy was done on him. He was exiled from every government work because of his criminal record. Weird thing is that how something with which you are born can be a crime.

At the end he died because of suicide. Cyanide poison was found on his apple which he ate.

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