Asus ROG Phone 2 | Detailed Review

In this article we will talk about Asus ROG Phone 2. After reading this article you will be able to decide whether you want to buy this phone or not.

Build Quality

Asus ROG Phone 2 is pretty huge and heavy but when it comes to build quality it is amazing. It is glass metal sandwich build. It looks premium from every angle. It has 3D corning gorilla glass on back and gorilla glass 6 on front.


The display of Asus ROG Phone 2 is huge with bezels of 2018 on both top and bottom but these are functional bezels. I don’t really mind bezels as long as they serve some purpose. It is first smartphone of 120Hz with AMOLED and because of this refresh rate everything is very smooth. Its screen also HDR 10.

Audio Quality

Audio quality of Asus ROG Phone 2 is of next level. It is absolutely amazing especially if you use earphones. Asus also have an outdoor mode but its already very loud so you don’t have to use it.


Asus ROG Phone 2 have ROG UI which is very close to stock android. It have a lot of features for example it has systemized dark mode, always on display clock, digital wellbeing and gaming triggers. It also have both normal and gaming UI so you can set it according to your choice. Because it is a pretty huge phone it also have one hand mode so you can easily use it with one hand. It have a lot of other things so it is a features rich phone. You can also customise the vibration patterns in it which I really like.


Asus ROG Phone 2 have 6000mAh and 18W fast charging so it can easily last for 2 days even if you are a heavy user. If we talk about screen on time it gives you 15 hours with 120Hz and if you set it at 90Hz or 60Hz you can get more than 20 hours on screen time. I have never seen that before so it is battery king.


Asus ROG Phone 2 have 855 Plus processor, 128GB storage, USF 3.0, latest LPDDR4X ram. So there is no problem it is a 100% performance beast. You can play any game on it with highest setting. When you do too much gaming it does heat up but not too much because of its great cooling system. Its OS also have a feature named armoury crate it is basically a dashboard which shows CPU usage, ram usage etc.


Asus ROG Phone 2 have dual camera on back. One is 48MP Sony IMX 586 and other is 13MP Ultrawide Sensor. Its wide angle is great it gives 125 degree of FOV. So its rear camera is great but I didn’t liked its low light performance and it also don’t have OIS so you don’t get image stabilization.

Other stuff

A lot of flagship level phones are missing 3.5mm jack in them and its a pleasure to see that Asus ROG Phone 2 have it. It also have 2 USB Type-C ports for gamer one on the bottom and other on the left side which helps a lot when you are gaming and running out of battery. It also have air trigger for gamers and quad mike setup due to which microphone is very strong. You can also customise RGB lighting in it.

Summing up pros and cons

Pros of Asus ROG Phone 2 are big screen, 6000mAh battery, 3.5mm jack, ROG UI, air trigger etc. Cons of Asus ROG Phone 2 are big size, heavy weight and if it had 27W charger out of the box that would be great but I am fine with it.

So friends it was the detailed review of Asus ROG Phone 2 and if you have decided to buy it you can click on the order button below it will take you to the site from where I buy most of my products.

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