Nikola Tesla father of technologies | Death ray

In this article we will discuss about Nikola Tesla. What was his story? What was the technology he developed which could have ended whole mankind? What was this death ray? What was this invention? What kind of relations were between Nikola Tesla and Thomas Alva Edison?


1980s was the time when modern technology started evolving. If we remove electricity from the modern technology we use today it will become useless. All modern technology need electricity to run and that’s the reason Nikola Tesla is also called the father of technologies.

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Positive and negative effects of technology

Effects of technology:

Technology have changed our world drastically and just like every other thing in this world it have both positive and negative effects. Noting in this world is 100% positive or 100% negative.  These day technology is all around us and it is impossible to imagine our life without it. Don’t go much further just take a minute and look around you will see that you are completely surrounded by technology. The device you are using to read this article, the internet connection your device is connected with, charger of your device and even the electricity is technology. The way we live is changed by technology. The way we communicate is changed by technology. The way we study is changed by it. The way we do our business or job is changed by it. It have changed everything. There still new things new technology coming out of market every day and changing our life even further.

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The Power of Information Technology in Business Transformation

The effect that Information Technology (IT) has on the manners in which organizations are led is unquestionably enormous in extents. With the approach of the Internet, ordinary strategies for doing organizations have been adjusted, all things considered, as confirmed by the rise of online business. What’s more, the ever inescapable utilization of the World Wide Web for a heap of uses likewise triggers the development in IT. Limits of reality rise above and “the world are level” presently. Globalization results and an end product that pursues is a considerably progressively extreme challenge among business substances. Such is the persuasive declaration of its intensity to change organizations!

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The Importance of Information Technology Training from a Management Perspective

Data innovation preparing for IT directors and frameworks investigators may appear to be unnecessary – these people are generally well-learned in their subject matters. Be that as it may, do they see how an organization’s innovation fits into the master plan from a business point of view? That is the place the executives preparing ends up significant. Each administrator who assumes a job in inquiring about, choosing or executing endeavor innovation needs to have a firm handle on the essentials of rising advances, just as how they fill a bigger business need, to guarantee that innovation is being utilized to the organization’s best key favorable position.

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Don’t Get Buried in Customer Data—Use It

Try not to accuse your CRM innovation. Be more brilliant about gathering and utilizing your information, says Jean Ayers in this article from Harvard Management Update.

With the appearance of client relationship the board (CRM) in the late 1990s, organizations came to accept that by utilizing innovation to tailor their contributions to singular buyers’ needs, client unwavering ness—and organization benefits—would soar.

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3 Steps to a Great Information Technology (IT) Resume

Jobseekers in the innovation area face a novel arrangement of difficulties when building up a resume. First off, you need to manage the way that periodically the principal set of eyes checking on the reports probably won’t have an IT foundation, and in this manner can’t completely comprehend the extent of obligations held and achievements. Furthermore, a mess turns into a significant issue when you’re attempting to embed specialized abilities, watchwords, proficient confirmations, and other pertinent subtleties inside the range of 2-3 pages. How would you tackle these issues? How would you guarantee your resume has an effect inside the short timeframe a selection representative/enlisting chief will spend filtering it? Here are 3 master systems:

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Tech facts & tricks

In this article we will talk about tech facts and trick. After knowing these facts and tricks you can easily implement them in daily life.

#1. Do you know that if you place your batteries in freezer its life will increase. You know that every battery every cell works on chemical reaction and you also know that when temperature gets too low chemical reaction stops. So when there will be less chemical reaction in battery it will last longer. If you want to save a battery for very long time just freeze it.

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