Call Of Duty Mobile Vs PUBG Mobile | Which one is better?

I love playing video games and lots of other people also do. In this article we will compare two most trending mobile games one is Call of Duty mobile and other is PUBG mobile.

I have played both games myself and both are great. Call of Duty and I have a really old relation. I am playing it since my childhood. So I have played a lot of games of Call of Duty. I’m also playing PUBG from quite some time.

Call of Duty mobile is a mobile version of Call of duty modern warfare series but it is not completely based on same story. It have battle royal similar to the one in PUBG mobile. We will compare both games on different factors.


If we compare graphics of both games the graphics of Call of Duty mobile are more realistic and smooth where the graphics of PUBG mobile are more like cartoon. So, I will give 8.5 to Call of Duty mobile and 8 to PUBG mobile in terms of graphics. Although both are great in graphics but still I will give .5 more to Call of Duty. Loading screen of Call of Duty mobile is also better.


Both games are great in terms of concept but concept of PUBG mobile is better. Normally such games are army based. If we associate guns with something its army. So there nothing new in Call of Duty but if we talk about PUBG mobile its completely new concept of battle royal and also without army uniform. So if we talk about battle royal concept of PUBG mobile is better.


If we talk about gameplay Call of Duty mobile is more restricted there is not much flexibility where PUBG is more flexible in terms of control and skins. So in terms of gameplay I will give 8.5 to PUBG and 8 to Call of Duty.


If we talk about controls then again PUBG is better it is much more flexible you can change controls and everything.


If we talk about resources both are same. Both take equal amount of resources like graphic card, ram etc.


If we talk about size Call of Duty mobile is of 1.1GB without any upgrade where PUBG mobile is of 1.8GB without any upgrade.


So my conclusion is that PUBG mobile is a really nice game it is a revolutionary game and no other game can take its place Call of Duty mobile is also a really nice army based game but PUBG is slightly better. There is not much difference but PUBG is slightly better.

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