Technology Used In Ancient Times | Lost Ancient Technology

Technology is not only limited to mobile phones. I know I do write a lot of articles on mobile phones but I also try to show different aspects of technology on my blog. In this special article of info techs we will talk about some lost ancient technologies. It is something a lot of other tech related content makers ignore because they are too busy making content on mobile phones.

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Dark web on Android devices | Safe or not

In this article we will talk about a frequently asked question which is can we access dark web from mobile? Is it safe?

Most of the people use mobile phone to surf internet. So what is the risk of using dark web and deep web on mobile?

Dark web and deep web

Don’t mix deep web and dark web both are different things. Deep web means any website any information which is not indexed on internet. The balance of your bank account which you see with internet banking is also a part of deep web. Secret information of employees which is stored in some database and not indexed in internet is also a part of deep web. Do you know that the things stored in your google drive which are private are also a part of deep web because they are not indexed on internet. Anything which is not indexed in deep web is a portion of deep web.

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