Customize Your Phone | Best Theme And Wallpaper

In this article of info techs we will talk about the ways you can customize your phone and make it look beautiful.

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I will talk about some theme and launchers. Which one should you use?

Deep 3D live wallpaper

First one in the list is 3D live wallpaper. Live wallpaper which gives you 3D effects. There are a lot of applications which gives you deep 3D effects. But while using these application we have to take care of security of our phone which might be at risk while using these applications. These applications can steel your data. Every day play store delete a lot of such applications which are not trusted because they can be stealing our data or violating some policy of google. It is a very risky thing.

Fact about AMOLED display

Some girls like Barbie doll wallpaper and some boys like superhero wallpaper. If you are using AMOLED display darker your wallpaper is lesser the battery will be consumed. The reason is that the black pixel will remain black they will not light up.

Glitter live wallpaper

Another thing you can try is glitter live wallpaper. It is basically a static wallpaper on which you can select glitter effect and then glitters will keep on moving on your screen. It is a live wallpaper. Live wallpaper do look beautiful but they consumes more battery. If your live wallpaper is of black colour and your screen is AMOLED it will not affect battery that much.

Black theme

Last thing I would like to talk about is a black theme. It will change all your icons to black colour and your phone will look real classy. But in some cases you have to use a separate launcher for it which takes a lot of space around 250MBs but if your phone is of medium range or higher it will not affect you. Black wallpaper and black theme will definitely help your battery last longer if the screen is AMOLED.

Piece of advice

Another thing you should be aware of is that don’t use the applications which displays too many ads. If you have downloaded some theme or launcher and it is showing ads on every action it means that application is not right its main motive is to earn money.

Summing up

So you can customize your phone in three ways without risking your security. Three ways first one in of 3D live wallpaper second is of glitter live wallpapers and the last one is of black theme.

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