Dark web on Android devices | Safe or not

In this article of Info Techs we will talk about a frequently asked question which is, can we access dark web from mobile? Is it safe?

Most of the people use mobile phone to surf internet. So what is the risk of using dark web and deep web on mobile?

Dark web and deep web

Don’t mix deep web and dark web both are different things. Deep web means any website any information which is not indexed on internet. The balance of your bank account which you see with internet banking is also a part of deep web. Secret information of employees which is stored in some database and not indexed in internet is also a part of deep web. Do you know that the things stored in your google drive which are private are also a part of deep web because they are not indexed on internet. Anything which is not indexed in deep web is a portion of deep web.

Dark web is also a portion of deep web. That’s the place where most of the illegal work is done. But it’s not completely illegal there are some normal conversations going on it.

Surfing dark and deep web on mobile phones

If you are surfing dark web or deep web on mobile phone visiting onion sites then you need two software created by tor named orbot and orfox. They works on the same mechanism tor does and you can easily access onion sites. Now the company claims that’s its completely secure and you can surf dark and deep web. But you know the operating system you are using to surf it effects greatly. You are doing it on android and you know that android is not that secure platform. If talk about apples products they are much more secure. So surfing dark web or deep web on an environment which itself is not secure can cause trouble. You know what can happen? Your pictures can be taken from your camera. Now you will ask how that is possible but do you know that even the owners of great tech companies don’t trust operating systems. Even Mark Zuckerberg keeps a tape on the webcam of his laptop. Do you think that he can’t afford the most secure antivirus or laptop of the world? Of Couse he can but still he keeps a tape on the webcam because there always a loophole of every security. So using dark or deep web on an android device which itself is not secure is definitely not safe. So you shouldn’t surf it on mobile phones. Your privacy, your data can be leaked. It can fall into the hands of such people who can create problem. The dark web is full of bad people. You can’t risk it.


So the conclusion is that you shouldn’t use deep web or deep web in your mobile devices. It is secure in books and theory but actually its not. There are many factors due to which you can get in some serious trouble.

If you have to surf deep web no matter what then you need a laptop, a nice VPN and tor browser. And use the tor browser according to the instruction otherwise you can get into trouble.

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