Gadgets you shouldn’t buy in 2020 | waste of money

In this article of Info Techs we will talk about the waste of money gadgets which you shouldn’t buy in 2020. The ones which are waste of money.

Non 4G phone

No 1 in the list is non 4G phone. The phones which are not 4G. Because we are living in the era of 4G. 4G is available everywhere. If you are using 3G or 2G phone you shouldn’t because plans of 3G are very expensive and a lot are operators are closing 3G. So there is no points in buying non 4G phones.

Non branded power bank

No 2 in the list is non-branded power bank. The cheap power banks which are not branded. The reason is that they contain really cheap batteries which can explode on charging it don’t have any good charge protection. They will also not give good backup. So, don’t waste your money on cheap power banks.

Budget point and shoot cameras

No 3 in the list is budget point and shoot camera. Their time has gone. Their picture and video quality is nothing compared to today’s smart phones. This is the reason point and shot cameras are not that much available in the market. If you have a decent phone you don’t need a budget point and shoot camera.

HD or 720p TV

NO 4 in the list is HD or 720p TV. In this era you shouldn’t buy HD or 720p TV. The reason is that 4K TVs of xiaomi and other brands are very cheap. Then why do you want to buy 720p HD TV do you like to live in ancient times? The answer will probably be no then you shouldn’t buy HD or 720p TV.

VR headset

No 5 in the list is VR headset. The reason is that branded VR headsets are very expensive and also that most of the supported apps are not available. So, it doesn’t have that much practical usage so you shouldn’t waste your money.

Memory cards

No 6 in the list is memory card. The reason is that most of the phones these days come with 64GB internal storage and also with cloud storage. Yeah if you are using some old smart phone with 16GB storage then you might need it.

Portable video gaming console

No 7 in the list are portable video gaming console. The reason is that its market has ended. These days mobile gaming after the release of PUBG mobile have reached another level. So, if you have a decent mobile you shouldn’t buy portable video gaming console.

Non Bluetooth speaker

No 8 in the list is non-Bluetooth speaker. If you are buying speaker and it doesn’t have Bluetooth option then you shouldn’t buy it. Because these days every smartphone tablet laptop have Bluetooth and can easily connect through it.

3rd party external lens

No 9 the list is third party external lens. If you think by using a cheap 3rd party external lens you can make your phone DSLR then my friend you are wrong. These lens are total waste of money and you shouldn’t buy it.

External android TV box

10th and the last thing in the list is external android TV box. The reason is that every smart TV these days is android based then why do you need external android TV box. If you are using some ancient TV then you might need it.

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