Humanoid Robots VS Humans | Robots Take Your Job In next 5 years

Are humanoid robots better than humans? Will humanoid robots rule humans? Are they stronger than us mentally and physically? In this article of info techs I will answer all these questions. Today we will compare humans with humanoid robots.

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Why robots are than humans?

Now first of all I will talk about how humanoid robots are better than humans. Robots are better because they never gets mad. They can work 24 hours. They never dies. Basically they can do a lot of work and they are slave in a sense. Word robot have come from a Czech word robota which means forced labour. You can keep them as a slave and take as much work as you want and you will not be called a criminal. If you will do the same with a human it is wrong.

Why humans are better than robot?

There are still a lot of things that robot can never do but humans can for example the art. Yes that’s right art, humanoid robots cannot sing they cannot do painting they cannot be creative they cannot create something new. Humanoid Robots cannot love. It cannot do reproduction. Humanoid robots can also not do research and development. Only humans can do that. Robots cannot do translation. Yeah I know google can but it is still not good enough.

In future

Now let’s talk about the stuff in which humanoid robots will very soon beat humans. First thing is text to speech. Yes converting text in speech, machines will do it a lot better in future. Second thing is driving. If you think that you are an expert in driving then believe me robots will be so much better in future that they will beat humans. Robots will also beat us in basic movement and coordination like jumping, running, grabbing etc. Robots are so much better than humans in arithmetic operations and humans can never beat them in it. Robots are also better in data management like storing, sorting, searching, updating etc.


So the most important question is, who is better human or humanoid robots? The answer humans. I am not saying that because I am saying that because robots are made by humans because of human’s creativity and wisdom. Creativity and wisdom are the things which can never come in robots. Humanoid robots will know what to say but they will never know when to say and that’s most important. You might have heard speed is not in gun it is in the person who fires. So, I my conclusion that humans are superior is based upon it.  Machines might get ahead of humans in some stuff but they can compete with humans because they are their maker not the other way around.

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