Life found on a new planet? Can we reach it?

In this article of info techs we will talk about a new planet in which people believes that aliens exist. There are vapours, trees, water, animals and everything. The name of the new planet is K2-18b.

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Discovery of the new planet

K2-18b was discovered with the help of Kepler telescope in 2015. For those who don’t know what Kepler telescope is, it is a retired telescope system of NASA. As you know we live in the solar system so our star is sun. Just like it there are a lot of other suns in universe and around those suns there are a lot of planets Kepler telescope is used to find those planets. In 2015 K2-18b was found and two different teams of scientists announced that there are vapours in its atmosphere, there is water on this new planet and this new planet have its own star. No planet have its own energy and light it takes it from some star like earth takes it from the sun. Just like this K2-18b have a red dwarf and this star is really close to its sun. That red dwarf is very small and cold but because it’s close to that planet it makes atmosphere warm for life. So there can be life it is possible.

Distance from the new planet

Now let’s talk about the time it will take for us to go to that new planet. 110 or 100 light years. It means that if we travel even with the speed of light it will take around 100 years. It means that it is nearly impossible for humans to reach there. We don’t have any spaceship which can travel faster than the speed of light. We won’t not be able to make it alive and also there won’t be enough fuel. Even if we use the fastest traveling spaceship we have it will take thousands of years.

Some stupid people says that spread as much pollution on earth as you want we have found a new planet and we will move there. Don’t think something like that it is not possible. Save earth it is the best.

Size of the new planet

Now let’s talk about the size of K2-18b. It is not a twin of earth it is 8 times bigger. It is tidally lock. It means that only one side of it faces dwarf still the temperature is warm and it is liveable. 33 day or let’s say a month over here is equal to 1 year over there because K2-18b is tidally lock.

Summing up

A new planet is found where life is possible. Its atmosphere is warm, water is found there, everything is alright but for us it is nearly impossible to reach there. Let’s face it we cannot travel with the speed of light and we have to travel even faster than that to reach there alive.

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