Myths!! Become Software Developer At Home

Do you want to become a Software Developer but you don’t know how? Well after reading this article of info techs you will exactly know how. In this article I will discuss some myths which people believe in to become a software developer.

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1) First myth is that to learn programming you have to join a university. This is wrong. There was a time when you had to join proper university to become a software developer and learn programming but time changed. It is the era of internet. You can find everything online. You can take online courses. There are a lot of website from where you can take online courses and even receive certificates. You can learn any programming language online. So, all you need to become a software developer is proper dedication, a good internet connection and some money to buy the course.

2) Second myth is that you can master any programming language in one month. That’s totally wrong. It takes a lot of time and effort to master any language. It varies person to person. If you are a completely nontechnical person it can take a lot of time even a year. If you are a technical person who already knows some languages and want to learn a new language it will take less time. But it doesn’t matter what your background is you can’t master any programming language in 2 weeks or a month.

3) Next myth is to become a programmer you must memories all the codes and syntax. It is not necessary. Even if you want to become an ethical hacker it is not necessary to memories all the LINUX commands. The thing you must have is in hand experience. You must know how to develop something from scratch. You must know how to make logics. Memorising all the codes and syntax is not that important because you can easily find them online.

4) Next myth is that to become a software developer you must be a master of mathematics. That’s not necessary. When you will develop a software you will find a lot of plugin or built in functions which will help you. Whatever is your mathematical problem whatever algorithm you are using they will help you. Yes your basics must be clear. You should know how to do addition or subtraction.  

5) Last myth I will like to discuss is that a lot of people think until they become a complete pro in some language they can‘t earn money. That not true. You can earn money even if all you know is how to make small programs. In this field you get paid for your skills. If you are too good you will get more money if you are not that good you will get less money.

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