New Vulnerability Found In Wifi | Wifi getting hacked

In this article of Info Techs we will talk about a new vulnerability found in wifi known as krook. It is found in a lot of amazon, samsung and even in apple devices. This vulnerability is in wifi chips.

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Now without wasting time let’s get right into it.

Wifi Chips

When a device is made it have many components. It have a lot of hardware. Wifi hardware is just a small chip. It is called wifi chip. It is the thing which provides the facility of wifi in your device. Every software needs a hardware to operate like Bluetooth needs Bluetooth chip. Same thing is with wifi. It needs wifi chip to operate. Wifi chips are made with cypress and Broadcom.

Krook vulnerability

A wifi chip known as full mac WLAN is effected by a vulnerability known as Krook. Internet traffic and data loads in the form of packets in your device, these packets comes from routers. These packets are encrypted. Because they are encrypted no one can sniff them between router and device and see what are you surfing. Due to the vulnerability of this chip these packets can be decrypted and a hacker can access your data.

No company makes its own wifi chips. They buy it from other companies. Suppose I have a company which makes wifi chips and I sell it to apple, samsung, huawei and xiaomi etc. So, all the companies who use my chip will be effected.

This vulnerability is found by eset and if I’m right this company also make antivirus.

Apple and amazon have already patched it. It means that this vulnerability is already patched in apple and amazon devices. As you know Apple devices are very secure and before this vulnerability we used to think that the security of apple devices is top notch. They can never be hacked. But now we have seen this. This is why I say that noting is 100% secure there always some loophole.

There are a lot of android devices in which this vulnerability is not patched yet. These devices also includes Samsung and Huawei devices.


So, what are the precautions you can take? You can update your device if there is some patch for your device. If there is no patch you cannot do anything. You will stay effected by it.

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