Nikola Tesla father of technologies | Death ray

In this article pf Info Techs we will discuss about Nikola Tesla. We will discuss his story, his invention death ray and the relation between Nikola Tesla and Thomas Alva Edison.


1980s was the time when modern technology started evolving. If we remove electricity from the modern technology we use today it will become useless. All modern technology need electricity to run and that’s the reason Nikola Tesla is also called the father of technologies.

Conflicts between Nikola Tesla and Thomas Alva Edison

The war of current was started in 1880s. Thomas Alva Edison was a great scientist but his mind was more in earning money and fame. Nikola Tesla only wanted to earn enough money for his experiments and also to invent new things. Nikola Tesla didn’t got the fame he deserved where Thomas Alva Edison got a lot of fame.

Mind of Thomas Alva Edison was more in DC current and he worked a lot on it. Where mind of Nikola Tesla was more in AC current. Main conflict between them was that Thomas Alva Edison used to think that DC current was better. But Nikola Tesla invented new thing AC current which had 60hz frequency. He said that it was better it should be supplied in houses because you can down it to low voltage and with the help of transformer it can also be changed to high voltage. This is better way because to convert DC current to high or low voltage you need more equipment as compared to AC. So, if they started supplying Ac current in United States instead of DC then the royalties which were given to Thomas Alva Edison due to it would have been taken.

Death ray

In early 1900s death ray was developed. What is death ray? Nikola Tesla invented a way to transfer electricity without wires doing this invention he invented a new thing which was called death ray.

He claimed that he had made such a weapon with which can destroy a distant flying aeroplane with a current ray. It was so powerful that it could have destroyed whole mankind. If this weapon had used in any war it could have caused a lot of destruction maybe no weapon in this world could have stand against it mean to say that it was that much powerful weapon but it was ended. He was never able to show it, he was never able to made it.

Nikola Tesla did planned everything and some people believe that he did made it but then destroyed it. But why did he destroyed it lets talk about it. A lot of scientist claimed that they have made death ray but they were never able to show it. Nikola Tesla said that they can never make it because they can never gather enough electricity. It required so much electricity that if we put the electricity of entire New York City in it, it would have still not been sufficient. Nikola Tesla said that he was taking that electricity from his tesla coil which used the iron sphere above the earth for electricity. The concept of death ray said that if you throw ray of electricity somewhere with the increase in distance it will spread and its effect will reduce so he converted his ray into a thin beam so it didn’t mattered how much distance it travels its effect would have never been reduce. It could have destroyed an aeroplane flying at a lot of distance. Its range could have been up to 200km.

Death of Nikola Tesla

After that Nikola Tesla faced an accident due to which his mental state was effected. He died in a hostel named New Yorker where everything was messed up and documents related to his death ray were missing. No one knows who took it. People close to him says that he destroyed it himself because he didn’t wanted that technology to be used in wrong way.

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