Positive and negative effects of technology

In this article of Info Techs we will discuss the positive and negative effects of technology on our world.

Effects of technology:

Technology have changed our world drastically and just like every other thing in this world it have both positive and negative effects. Noting in this world is 100% positive or 100% negative.  These day technology is all around us and it is impossible to imagine our life without it. Don’t go much further just take a minute and look around you will see that you are completely surrounded by technology. The device you are using to read this article, the internet connection your device is connected with, charger of your device and even the electricity is technology. The way we live is changed by technology. The way we communicate is changed by technology. The way we study is changed by it. The way we do our business or job is changed by it. It have changed everything. There still new things new technology coming out of market every day and changing our life even further.

Details of negative and positive effects of techs are following.

Positive effects of technology:

Biggest effect of technology is that it have made our life easy. Every aspect of our life is changed by it.

If we talk about study internet have replaced books. Now everything we want to study is available over internet. Instead of attending actual classes people are starting to move toward internet they are starting to take online lectures and courses.

The way we communicate is changed by technology everyone is just a phone call away. All we have to do to reach someone is to takeout mobile phone from our pocket and dial his number. Now instead of writing letters we write text messages which gets delivered in just a click. Now we call also do video calls to have a face to face conversation.

The way we do our business or job is changed by it. A lot of business owner and job holders are managing everything through their mobile phones or laptop on internet. They are making deals overseas just through internet. They are receiving their payments online.

If we talk about medical technology have developed cure to so many diseases. It have given life back to so many people. All the equipment we use in medical are result of development in technology.

Above were some positive effects of technology now we will move toward the negative effects.

Negative effects of technology:

With all the positive effects of technology comes a lot of negative effects.

Being too much involved with technology will cut us off from the rest of the world. Rays coming out of our mobile phones and laptops can greatly effect our eyesight. Instead of making real friends all we will make will be some social media friends and we will fall into depression.

Now instead of going out and play and get some fresh air children prefers to stay at home and play games. Teenagers prefers to use social media and watch Netflix. It is greatly effecting their mental growth as well as physical.

If we talk about business there are a lot of scammers on internet who rob people of their money and disappear. They are hard to catch because no one knows anything about them.

Nuclear technology, missiles and drones etc have changed the way of our wars. Now if a war starts between two countries having nuclear or atomic power both will be completely destroyed. No one in these countries will be safe a single atom bomb can destroy a complete city.

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