Slow Computer? Why Is Your Computer Getting Slow?

It doesn’t matter how good your computer is if you don’t do proper maintenance it will get slow. In this article of info techs we will discuss the problems behind your slow computer and how can you fix it.

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Now let’s talk about the problem which might be behind your slow computer. Just like you I also face these problem. These problem are a little different and people don’t talk about them much often.

Pirated window

Pirated window can be the reason behind your slow computer. If you are using a pirated window the problem you can face is that when you update it your computer will start to hang. The reason is that when you update pirated window you create a connection with Microsoft and Microsoft knows that you are using pirated window so they send such codes in your computer which makes it slow.

If you have some emergency you have to do something then obviously you will not install a new window because it takes some time. What you can do is that you can go to control panel then updates and from there you can uninstall all the installed updates. Your computer will start working like before but I always recommend using the original window.

Google chrome

Google chrome can be a culprit behind your slow computer. The reason is that google chrome keeps on running in background. It takes a lot of CPU and RAM usage. I have seen that when I play PUBG on my computer it takes 30% to 50% memory and CPU usage. A browser shouldn’t take that much. There is an option in google chrome that you can allow any website to run in background like if you use Gmail whenever you receive an email you can get notification. For this google chrome have to run in background and it takes a lot of resources.

If your computer is getting slow and you are using google chrome I will recommend to completely terminate it or stop it from task manager when you are not using it or get some new browser. This way you can make your computer a little faster.


I know it is weird but another reason behind your slow computer can be that it’s dusty. Your computer have a lot of dust in its casing and that dust is making it slow. When there is dust in your computer your fan runs faster, you might have heard it and started wondering why is it making this much sound, actually your processor gets covered with dust and because of it your fan can’t cool your processor and fan keeps receiving the signal that processor is heating up so it runs faster but its air can’t reach your processor so your processor heats up a lot and your computer gets a lot slower.

You should do proper maintenance of your computer. You can open it and clean it up, you can use blow dryer, or you can take it to professionals and ask them to do it, they have separate blower to do it.

Outdated computer

Another reason behind your slow computer can be that it’s too outdated. You are using latest software and playing latest games and your computer is outdated then it will obviously get slow.

If this is the case you should update your computer or get a new one. If your ram is 2GB you should make it 4 and update some other stuff like processer, graphics card and storage type.

Software maintenance

Last thing I would like to talk about which can be the reason behind your slow computer is software maintenance. You are not maintaining your computer on software basis you are not doing defragmentation your hard disk is full only 2GB or 3GB is left then it will obviously get slow.

You can do defragmentation, remove temporary files, if there is some virus scan for it, install a good antivirus only then your computer will work fine.

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