Technology Used In Ancient Times | Lost Ancient Technology

Technology is not only limited to mobile phones. I know I do write a lot of articles on mobile phones but I also try to show different aspects of technology on my blog. In this special article of info techs we will talk about some lost ancient technologies. It is something a lot of other tech related content makers ignore because they are too busy making content on mobile phones.

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Damascus steel

First lost ancient technology I would like to talk about is Damascus steel. Damascus steel was such a technology which was used to make some really sharp weapons. Damascus steel was such a steel such a technology which was very different carbon tubing was used in it. A really interesting thing is that it is a lost technology no one knows how to make Damascus steel. Some people have tried to make it but they failed. Now some people have made it but it is far cry from what it used to be. Swords made with Damascus steel were very different they were very sharp.

Another interesting thing is that Damascus is the capital city of Syria that city is the origin of Damascus steel. The raw material for it was taken from Sri Lanka and India.

A lot of people don’t know that there was such a technology which was used to make such steel because it is lost but now you know. You can do more research about Damascus steel. The most amazing thing is that people of that time made such technology they used carbon tubing different patterns were made on steel which were similar to water waves. Even after such long time no one is able to make it.

Brihadeshwara temple

Brihadeshwara temple which is in Tamil Nadu its height is around 200ft it is very unique because of the lost ancient technology used in it. There is no binding material used in this temple. Everything is interlocking. Everything is made with stones. Interesting thing is that the stone sitting on the top of temple is of 80 tons and that is only one stone. The most shocking thing is that how a stone which was that heavy was placed on such height. There was no crane at that time but somehow people of that time managed to place a stone of 80 tons on the top of 200ft high temple.


Last lost ancient technology I would like to talk about is not confirmed it is mythology some people says its fake but I believes its true. Teleportation for those who don’t know what it is in simple words it is disappearing of a person from one place and appearing on some other place we have listened a lot of stories in mythology about a lot of people who could do that. There is science behind it. Einstein discovered mass energy equation which is e=mc² according to this equation energy and mass are interconvertible and we know that energy can be transferred from one place to another so there is some possibility that mass can be converted into energy and transferred to some other place. Now I know that physicians will ask a lot of questions but what if people in the past have the answer to those questions and that’s how they do their teleportation. It is possible that there might be some theories which we might not know but one thing is confirmed that mass can be converted into energy.

Scientists are doing their research on teleportation and the conclusion is that if a mass is converted into energy it will release too much energy so much that there can be an explosion. It is not possible to convert a human into energy transfer it to someplace else and then convert him back. This cannot be done with today’s technology but there are chances if we get answer to some question. It can be done with non-living things if some non-living thing is broken into its atoms then those atoms are converted into energy and transferred to someplace else then converted back to atoms and then combined. It can be done with some kind of Nano technology.

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