Top Interesting And Weird Websites

Today at Info Techs we will talk about top weird websites which are also pretty interesting. We will talk about these weird websites in detail and you can visit them if you want.

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Now without wasting anytime let’s get into these sites.

1) Plane Crash Info

Everyone knows how destructive plane crashes are. So many people dies. You might survive train accident but there’s no way you can survive a plane crash. So many airplanes have crashed till now. This website shows us the final words of the people in the plane crashes. I don’t know what kind of people listen to them. Most weird thing is that it is on surface web not on dark web. So, in this website you can listen to the recordings of people or pilots who were in the plane crashes. They are also written in this website you can also read them if you want. Now I don’t know they are real or fake but there are such recordings in this website. Some people are abusing some are praying. This website is based upon this stuff final recordings and final text.

2) Death Date

It is a website which claims that it will tell that when will you die. Although, no one can tell future. I don’t believe in fortune tellers and I believe that no one can tell future but this website claims that it can. It asks for your age your height and some other stuff. After that it tells that how much you are going to live. It says that I will die in 2055.

Now let’s talk about on what bases it works. It is a fun website. It have nothing to do with reality. It ask for your bad habit like do you smoke or do you drink because such people die early and it also depends. I know a lot of people who are chain smoker or regular drinker but still they lived long and I also know some people who don’t have any bad habit but they died early. The reason I’m telling this is don’t take this website too seriously it is just for fun. Your life depends upon many factors and no one can tell when you will die.

3) Zoomquilt

This website is my favourite one. It also have an android application through which you can set wallpaper. For those who don’t know what it is, it is a very different type of website which loads a wallpaper and keeps on zooming it infinitely and it never stops. How it loads that much data or how it is designed I don’t know but the thing I know is that it is amazing. You should definitely check it out.

4) Flight Radar 24

This website is also airplane related. It is a kind of radar which tells that which airplane is flying where in the world. Soo many airplanes will be flying right now and you can monitor all of them just with the help of this website. You can also zoom in and check all the information of a particular flight.

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