Track Stolen Mobile | How To Track mobile?

In this article of Info Techs I will answer a frequently asked question, how to track mobile? I will discuss in details about the steps you should take if your mobile is lost or stolen.

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Now without wasting anytime lets discuss the steps you should take to track mobile.

Step 1: Search for it

If you have lost your mobile the first thing you should do is search for it. Go to the place where you have seen it last or where you have been last. You might find it.

Step2: Access internet

If it is nowhere to be found go to the closet place where you can access internet. In the way keep calling on your phone if you think you have left it in your office or your friends place but if you have lost it at some public place don’t call at all because sometimes people don’t notice stuff but the ringing might get their attention and they might take it then you will never find it. After being able access internet type find my device on google and login using the google account on your mobile. Using that webpage you can ring your mobile for 5 minutes it doesn’t matter if it’s silent other than that you can lock your mobile or erase all your stuff. Sometimes your data is more important than your mobile and you don’t want anyone to get it in such cases this can get handy.

Step3: Change your password

Next thing you should do is that change the password of all your social media accounts and also change your recovery number.

Step4: Register a complain

After that go to the police and register your complain. Tell them your IMEI number and other stuff they ask for. It is not because police will help you find your device of course they will it is their job but it is because it will keep you safe. If your phone is misused in some way you will not get in trouble.

Step5: Deactivate your sim

Take copy of your complain to the service canter of your sim to get it deactivated. Your operator will also help you to track your sim card.

Thing you should do is that don’t take too much tension. Don’t get too depressed, stay calm. Sometimes people get too afraid because it is a gift from some buddy and they don’t want them to get upset I can totally understand that but still don’t let it get over your head. Also don’t get too chill just because you can afford another phone definitely register a complain because your phone can be misused in serval ways.

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