Use Of Headphones | Hearing Damage From Loud Music

In this article of info techs we will talk about the hearing damage caused by using headphones at loud volume. Will we become deaf by using headphone? Read this article to know.

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Hearing damage due to headphones

You would have seen that while using headphone with a smartphone if we turn our volume up more than 75% it gives us a warning that if you keeps on listing to this volume for too long it can cause permanent hearing damage. Is it true? The answer is yes.

If you are using headphones and listening to really loud volume your ear drums adopt that volume. Later on when you listen to low volume you can’t hear it because your ears adopted loud volume. Btw it is temporary. If you are listening to a song of 3 to 4 minutes really loud and right after that you starts listening to low volume you won’t be able to hear it but if you keeps on hearing that low volume your ear will start recovering and comes back to your normal hearing capabilities.

As you know excess of everything is dangerous. When you starts listening to loud music for too long like 2 or 3 hours it can cause permanent hearing damage and your ears might not come back to its normal capabilities. The reason is that it gives your ears a signal that this persons always hears this loudly. Think of it as weight lifting. When you do weight lifting daily you starts developing muscle because you gives your body a signal that you do heavy work and to do this heavy work you need muscles so body starts developing muscles. When you do body building your body receives stress and to handle that stress your body starts developing muscle. Similar to this when you keeps of listing to loud volume your ears adopt it and when someone talk to you in low voice you won’t be able to hear him. In starting it is temporary but when you makes listening to loud volume a habit it becomes permanent. Your hearing power becomes low.

Now the solution is that use headphones at low volume so low that if someone says something you can hear it. Make it a habit and you will be safe. It’s better to not use headphones but if you have to use headphone if it is too necessary you are listening to something private use it at low volume.

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