What is area 51? | Where is area 51?

In this article of Info Techs we will talk about area 51 in detail. I will tell you guys that, what is area 51? where is it? We will go in great details.

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Now without wasting any time let’s start our topic.

There is a place called area 51 in Nevada (State in the Western United States) where they are doing a lot of military operations but people believes that there is research going on about aliens. The reason is that I don’t know if it’s true a spacecraft fell in Mexico which was moved to Nevada area 51 to do reverse engineering and find out on which technology does it works. A lot of photos of spacecraft are available on internet some are black and white which does seems real. So, a lot of people believes that spaceships are real some don’t everyone have different opinion. After that people started believing that aliens live in area 51.

Some crazy people who have worked at area 51 took photos of the place and tried to leak them. So, government arrested them. If you take pictures of a military secret base and try to leak them then obviously you will get arrested. But after some time a Russian satellite for the first time showed the Ariel view of area 51.

Theorist keeps observing different things in order to give their theory. A lot of people claims that they have seen spaceship hovering over there. Some people have even released photos. But are those real or fake I’m not sure. Some people claims that they have listened noises and have seen light hovering at night. Some people who worked there claims that they have seen them bringing aliens over there and experiments are being done on their bodies and spaceships. They say that spaceships works on a different kind of solid fuel which never ends and provides energy constantly.

There is a scientist who used to work at area 51 says that aliens do come there and research is being done. It is true that their government have admitted that 10 to 15 years ago they did started an operation in which they were researching on aliens and UFOs. American government also do surveillance operations in which they monitor data of normal people. So, government do such operations which are kept secret from normal people and it is possible that area 51 besides being a military base is an alien research facility. But it doesn’t mean that you should attack it to find out. Things went out of hand when in 2019 an event was created on Facebook by the name of storm area 51 they can’t stop us all together. Thousands of people did signed up for that event but only 200 people went there out of which 2 people got arrested and rest came back empty handed. This was the complete story of area 51.

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